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Aspen Trails 2-sty Westland
Aspen Trails 2 Sty-Westbrook
Aspen Trails 2 Sty-Westlane
Charleswood III Bungalow
Aspen Trails - Lots
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Gannet Renovations




At Gannet Homes  we pride ourselves in the quality and high level of service we have been providing to our new home customers for more than 35 years. We recognize that many home owners would like the features commonly found in a newly constructed home, without having to move from the comfort and convenience of their existing neighborhood.   

Gannet Renovations carries the same level of quality and workmanship we have been offering to our new home purchasers, along with the product guarantees offered from our dedicated trade partners. 

Whether it is :

  - a developed basement 

 - an addition to your home                                                                        

- a complete re-furbish of your existing home                        

- removal of your existing home and re-build                  

we work with you to complete the project you have in mind, with the least amount of inconvenience to your busy schedule. Let our experience update your house to make it a better home.


Gannet Renovations - update your living!

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